Clean Eating Basics

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While there may be a lot of fad diets out there day, and all kinds of new diet trends that are constantly emerging, with everything from the ever-present Atkins, to South Beach, Weight Watchers and the like, to the now popular keto, and even paleo diets, clean eating has always been around. And it has proven results that last.


A lot of people hear the phrase “clean eating” and think it has to be a daunting process and feel like it is too overwhelming to even consider trying. But it does not have to be.  There are really just some very simple and basic concepts that, if you follow those, you will be well on your way to a healthier, cleaner and happier lifestyle in no time. Your health (and your waistline) will thank you for it.

  • Avoid packaged and processed foods wherever possible

What you want to be looking for here is salt, sugar and fats. Most of these foods are loaded with them, not to mention a plethora of chemicals and preservatives that you couldn’t pronounce without a degree in chemistry.

  • Pick real foods – ones that look the way nature intended them

If you can look at a food and tell what it is by it’s appearance, it is a good choice.  Seasonal fruits and veggies are always good choices.  Frozen fruits and vegetables are good options as well as long as they are sans sauces.

  • Cut the sugar umbilical cord

I know, I know. We all have that inherent sweet tooth. It is just part of being human. But next time you find yourself craving those sweets, grab a piece of fruit instead. Whether it is fresh or dried, there is a reason it’s called nature’s candy.

  • Watch out for trans fats and limit your saturated fats
  • Cook and eat at home whenever possible
  • Stay hydrated – water is your friend
  • Limit caffeine and alcohol – trust me. Your body will thank you for it later.

See? It really is not as overwhelming as you thought. And there are literally TONS of amazing clean eating recipes all over the internet.  Within a couple weeks, you won’t even miss the old stuff.