Time To Tow!

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So after traveling around the mid west for about a month this year i ran into some serious car issues just outside of St Louis.  I should have know it would happen, we had such a great trip going on and had a lot of good luck with planning, traveling and everything else. We were flying down the high way late for a stop at my sisters and bam! We blow out a tire.  Dam! it is a very strange and weird feeling driving on a flat for a bit because we couldn’t get off the road safely.

I have to give a big thanks to the best towing company in St Louis – Auto-One Services LLC 

George and his crew were the absolute best to deal with.  Auto One luckily specializes in tire repair and they were able to come get us, take us to their shop and fix the tire all within an hour. Seriously think about how fast that is! It’s unheard of really.  George was very professional and he charged us a fair rate and we were back on our.

The second thing about this leg of our trip that i wanted to talk about is the people of St Louis! I met so many helpful and friendly people downtown while we were shopping that I definitely would go back.  We went to a Cardinals game and the atmosphere there was amazing. I just can say enough good things about St. Louis.

So if you are ever in the that part of the country definitely spend some time in St Louis. and if you need a quick car repair look up Auto One Services!