Realtor’s That Perform.

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Today’s article goes to professionals that outperform in their field. I have been witnessing once such rocking performance from a good buddy of mine working at homes for sale in london ontario

He agreed to do a little interview on real estate for me to post here, so here is the transcript

“I hope you’re having a great week. For my part, it’s been an exciting week of helping people achieve their dream of owning a home – a home they can be proud of.

Over the past week, I noticed one question kept coming up: “Do I buy or do I build?”

The answer can be simple: It depends on your needs and desires.

If you are cash conscious, buying is a no brainer. Buying with the right team behind you is a painless process. The challenge is not so much the buying process itself as it is finding the right agent who can stand alongside you and lead you through the process.

Building, by contrast, is expensive and takes more time; but has the advantage of giving you exactly what you want. Buying is a better option if you are time conscious in addition to cash conscious.

There is no right or wrong choice here if you understand your preferences, desires, and resources. Here is the best part: The right plan with the right agent will help you get exactly what you are looking for regardless of whether you intend to buy or build.

“Do I buy or do I build?” Find the right agent first. The question will then answer itself”


I really think there is a ton of solid advice here in this article.  I never really realized how hard these agent work for their clients. I always kinda thought they just coasted along not doing much and just letting houses sell on their own. And truth be told he said there are plenty of agents out there that will do that and that’s why they don’t succeed and eventually just die off. It’s true I have seen it, just like a lot of other industries where workers get lazy, except in this case if they aren’t selling they aren’t making money.

In today’s market houses do not last long for sale and i think some agents do get away with being lazy but the great ones only thrive in these times. And make a lot of money. I tell you I paid a hefty price for my home!