Camping and Working Out

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So summertime around my house means it’s time to get outdoors.

This means a lot of camping for my family, which means a lot of different – not so healthy – foods and of course a lot of beers around the bon fire. All extremely good things in moderation but i tend to take things to new levels — more often than i like to admit.


To help with my camping addiction we just picked up a new starcraft travel trailer from Huron RV. She is a beaut! 27 feet of pure camping heaven. full fridge, freezer, tub, shower, microwave, tv, stereo, heat and AC! sounds like i should just stay home because this is not roughing it! We are going to go on at least 4 or 5 trips this summer and break this girl in. Can’t freaking wait…

Back to the performance part… So i guess i am still supposed to blog about performance here aren’t i!? Things I like to still do when i camp to stay in shape are almost all old school things, and it is so easy to find something exercise when you are in nature. One of my favorite things to do is trail run. I will hike around through the day then the next morning tear the trails up in my runners to get a good sweat on. Some places we go have awesome beaches instead so you can always run them. ¬†Once that s done i always like to get a little strength work in so my number one go to is the burpee. I know i know i am a bit sadistic when it comes to this suggestion, but burpees work and can sweat those beer and hot dog calories right off you! Make sure you get your push up in at the bottom and rock out a couple hundred burpees before hitting that bone fire that next night. You may come back form camping in better shape then you left!

Time to load up the new toy and head on out.

Perform well