Learn Martial Arts to Perform

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One of the biggest things in sports performance is discipline. You hear it all the time on team sports. You gotta listen to your coach, you gotta do what the team director says, you have to get out of bed on time to practice. You gotta have discipline.


Martial Arts is the epitome of discipline training. From the first lesson to the progression through the ranks you are drilled and repeatedly told you have to have heart and discipline. I have been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for about 5 years now and I absolutely love it and everything the training brings, but I honestly think the mental aspect more then the physical aspect is the most rewarding to me. I am not and have never been a patient person. I stress. I don’t sit down. I pace sometimes. And i used to over react to little insignificant things all the time.


Martial Arts changed me.


But after studying martial arts and really trying to understand it and the discipline that comes with it I am a changed person. Not only have I learnt this new incredible physical defense skill but it has overlapped into my daily life in so many wonderful and noticeable ways.  My patience have grown immeasurably. My focus is razor sharp compared to before i studied. My determination to excel in everything else in my life has grown in spades.  And i wonder why. why do you need to gain these tools from something external. Why can’t you just be that way.  I am not sure but I now have a greater understanding of the Japanese culture and can understand why they train to be disciplined. it helps with everything. You need to try it if you haven’t.


My dojo is also training in weapons. It’s call Kubodo and is also pretty cool! Check out this you tube video.