Electrician Experiences

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So it’s not exactly a physical performance article but since I have nothing else to write about today I am going to right about our office renovations.

We inhabit a very old building here at FTL and were in some serious need of renovations. We also needed some extra space to grow here so lets start ripping apart walls!

This project was a long time in the coming and involved many contractors but I must say i was happiest with our electrical contractor in London over most of the other trades people. Not that they were bad but PDR Electrical took a lot of time with us and we really appreciated it.

PDR sat down with the blueprints with us and we actually reworked quiet a bit of it to save us time and money! Can you believe that? A contractor looking to save the client money? I have never heard of such a thing! We were very impressed to say the least. They actually cut a whole circuit out and about a day of work. Now don’t get me wrong they were not cutting corners, instead they just used their experience to make the whole schematic better.

That leads me to talk about schematics and experience. This is something we preach in a way here at FTL quiet a bit. You need to have a plan when it comes to fitness and performance and you need to always be learning and willing to make adjustments as you go along. To often we will half as a plan, put it into place then just set it and forget it.  Then after two months you realize that maybe you are not getting the most out of your workout or your time or whatever the case may be and you quit.  All along if we were just paying a little attention to the situation we could actively manage the plan and have much better results.  Who would have thought i could see the same parallel in home renovations!

The point is don’t put the blinders on


It’s something I always tried to teach my son when I was teaching him to drive. Driving the down the road looking straight ahead is easy. It’s so easy that you can do it for a long time and then not even realize where you are. You may end up at point b and not even remember the drive. Blinders. I always taught him to , yes drive straight and pay attention first and foremost the traffic in front of you but also ALWAYS scan your peripherals. Constantly looking back and for at what is going on around you — or what could potentially go on around you — is what will make you an excellent drive and quiet possibly avoid accidents and maybe even save a life or two at some point.

Anyway the renovations are just about down and we will be moving back into our brand new space soon so hopefully i will have lots of time and inspiration to keep writing on this blig site. Till then get off the couch, take off the blinders and get that body moving.

Camping and Working Out

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So summertime around my house means it’s time to get outdoors.

This means a lot of camping for my family, which means a lot of different – not so healthy – foods and of course a lot of beers around the bon fire. All extremely good things in moderation but i tend to take things to new levels — more often than i like to admit.


To help with my camping addiction we just picked up a new starcraft travel trailer from Huron RV. She is a beaut! 27 feet of pure camping heaven. full fridge, freezer, tub, shower, microwave, tv, stereo, heat and AC! sounds like i should just stay home because this is not roughing it! We are going to go on at least 4 or 5 trips this summer and break this girl in. Can’t freaking wait…

Back to the performance part… So i guess i am still supposed to blog about performance here aren’t i!? Things I like to still do when i camp to stay in shape are almost all old school things, and it is so easy to find something exercise when you are in nature. One of my favorite things to do is trail run. I will hike around through the day then the next morning tear the trails up in my runners to get a good sweat on. Some places we go have awesome beaches instead so you can always run them.  Once that s done i always like to get a little strength work in so my number one go to is the burpee. I know i know i am a bit sadistic when it comes to this suggestion, but burpees work and can sweat those beer and hot dog calories right off you! Make sure you get your push up in at the bottom and rock out a couple hundred burpees before hitting that bone fire that next night. You may come back form camping in better shape then you left!

Time to load up the new toy and head on out.

Perform well




Learn Martial Arts to Perform

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One of the biggest things in sports performance is discipline. You hear it all the time on team sports. You gotta listen to your coach, you gotta do what the team director says, you have to get out of bed on time to practice. You gotta have discipline.


Martial Arts is the epitome of discipline training. From the first lesson to the progression through the ranks you are drilled and repeatedly told you have to have heart and discipline. I have been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for about 5 years now and I absolutely love it and everything the training brings, but I honestly think the mental aspect more then the physical aspect is the most rewarding to me. I am not and have never been a patient person. I stress. I don’t sit down. I pace sometimes. And i used to over react to little insignificant things all the time.


Martial Arts changed me.


But after studying martial arts and really trying to understand it and the discipline that comes with it I am a changed person. Not only have I learnt this new incredible physical defense skill but it has overlapped into my daily life in so many wonderful and noticeable ways.  My patience have grown immeasurably. My focus is razor sharp compared to before i studied. My determination to excel in everything else in my life has grown in spades.  And i wonder why. why do you need to gain these tools from something external. Why can’t you just be that way.  I am not sure but I now have a greater understanding of the Japanese culture and can understand why they train to be disciplined. it helps with everything. You need to try it if you haven’t.


My dojo is also training in weapons. It’s call Kubodo and is also pretty cool! Check out this you tube video.



What Excuses did You Use Today?

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So i was reading this article on Thirteen Under Golf about this young kid named Bryson DeChambeau. This kid has had an incredibly weird and strange and not normal life. To Me. Or to many regular folks. But who are we to judge? This kid uses all the same length golf clubs. Everyone one the same!  Do you know what a freak show that would be on the PGA tour? Well it doesn’t seem to bother him. No excuses from him. No whining from him.  I bet he gets tortured from the  all boys clubs on the tour, but then again he is already better than half the tour regulars as a matter of fact he became the fifth golfer to win both the NCAA and U.S. Amateur titles in the same year, joining Jack Nicklaus,Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods and Ryan Moore.


So that got me thinking

What if we could all get off these excuses in our lives? what if we truly didn’t care what other people thought of us, or care what we we going to get told if we said that thing to that person. Your know what I mean? How many dates would I have got in college if i would have just asked? Seriously! half of the time? 50% for this stud! I would take 50% of the time inmost situations of life most of the time. We can’t we just get over ourselves?



I struggle a lot. But most of the time it’s in my own head. I think most people see me as a strong guy. I don’t most of the time, but  I am working on that.  My struggle today was getting to the gym at lunch but I made it. I mean how could i write a blog about performance if i let me daily excuses keep me on the couch! not performing there.

anyway here’s today’s workout..

daily workout 1
crush it!

Get out there an perform








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